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I would like to take back all of the mean and nasty things I said about her. I found out that the person I was in contact with was an impersonator and not the real person. Apparently these fake impersonators are creating multiple fake social media profiles pretending to be her.

I believe whoever is stealing her identity is located in Nigeria because he asked me to wire him money through Western Union and MoneyGram. Once I sent over the money and I didn't hear a word back from the person, that's when I realized something was wrong. I contacted Ashras and blamed her for ripping me off only to realize that I was contacted the real person and not the fake one who asked for my money.

I wrote very nasty things about Ashras. Yes, I was upset, but now that I realized that I was scammed by an Impersonator, I would like to publicly apologize to her from what I said.

I hope everyone does their research to make sure they are working with the real person and not someone who is stealing her identity to try to trick you.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Ashra Spellcaster Pros: She always responds quickly, She is honest and caring, She put me first and never cared about the money, She is always there for me.

Ashra Spellcaster Cons: Fake comments by competitors, Ashra impersonator, Dishonest competitors.

  • Dishonest Competitors
  • Fake Comments By Competitors
  • Ashra Impersonators
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A lot of her Impersonators are on Instagram. I found like 10 accounts on there and only one of them belongs to the real person. Its easy to see why some people fall in the hands of an impersonator.


Same here. Someone is using her name and created multiple accounts pretending to be her all over social sites.

I've been harnessed by her impersonators. You can so tell they are impersonator her because of how rude they are. They try threatening you and saying that they will curse you.

The real Ashras is kind and caring. I wish I found her before I found the fake ones who are trying to leech of her popularity.

@Red Flags

you do realize that she isn't famous.. she isn't a celebrity.

creating a website is easy to do and cheap. Anyone can do it anywhere in the world; why create an impersonator?

it is 2018, no need to do that. just food for thought.

@Red Flags

So how do I know which one is really her


I experienced the same. At first I thought I was contacting the real person but it turned out to be an impersonator.

Such a shame that people know how popular she is and they want to steal her identity/impersonate her to scam people.

This is exactly the reason why I DO NOT trust any negative comments made about her. For all you know, they got scammed by an impersonator or its just some competitor trying to slander her name because she is stealing their customers due to her success rate.