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I was cast for a spell a month ago .i have been trying to talk to Ashra but getting but being ignored. My emails go un answered.

Its been more than a month and no results. She says the spell is becoming stronger but what is happening is saddening as the opposite of expected results are being seen.

Situation getting worse by the day. I have been trying to enquire if a stronger one can be cast if at all the one cast did not work but am only being ignored Iam Very dissapointed as i had all my hope on this.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The same is happening to me. I emailed her December of 2017 and have yet to hear back from her.

I gave it time because it was the holidays and I knew she was busy but after two months I gave up and figured I was being ignored.

I even emailed her a week ago and still no reply. I’ve had success with Ashra before and her spells worked for me but I’m confused as to why I’m being ignored, it’s really upsetting.


She unfortunately did that to me as well. I am not a competitor but I had emailed her after not seeing movement and so on.

She responds back right away to my doubts. I had even joined her forum but as soon as I pretty much tell her I lost hope, she suspends me account, deletes emails to a certain point and is basically pissed and ignoring me for doubting her. If she truly cared she would reassure me and answer how she knows or is able to see things. I wouldn’t go as far as to say she is fake or a scam and have brought up my concerns with her.

However, my honesty and apologies have gone ignored and that is suspicious to me.

I’m hurt because I was just an honest paying client. I did nothing wrong.


Something doesn't add up. What you are saying about her doesn't sound like her.

If you have done something to upset her, why don't you contact her and sincerely apologize?

She is kind and caring and would never do what you claim she is doing to you.

Nothing gets resolved by gossiping on this site.

Its full of competitors and false information.

She is only one person and it does take her time to respond to inquires. Its to be expected due to her popularity.


^Anonymous has used my information I gave them and posted in my name. I was emailed and had competitors gain my contact information and posted a review and comments in my name.

I can confirm that this is what I said to them, but they have no right copy and pasting in my name. I sincerely apologize to Ashra for sharing info with competitors.

We talked and everything was resolved. It seems competitors want to further run her name through the mud and are using what I said as bait.


WOW... and here I thought it was only me!

I did have someone contact me on FB. They used various names who I believe were one of her competitors just trying to lure clients in their direction.

They tried to ask me who I was, then proceeds to ask to exchange contact information. That was a BIG red flag for me! When I blocked them, they did come back under a different profile name and started to call me nasty names and threated to contact my friends on my FB page.

Her competitors are ugly and don't play by the rules.

Yes, I did see others impersonating her, but spelling her name differently. These people are just SICK!


She cast my spell passion panecea a month ago after took money she never reply back she was given me some time period that's already gone as well after took my first money she asked me to pay again then I said no guys be careful


I'm being harassed and stalked by either Mimi or a person by the name of Maryanne from Kenya. Every time I block them on social media, they are creating new fake profiles on social media and using verbal harassment to intimidate me.

I have no clue where they found my contact information. However, I am warning anyone... DO NOT share your information with anyone. They use your information against you.

They spammed by friends list and I cannot get them to stop harassing me.

I read that many of her competitors are impersonating her, harassing others, stealing her products and trying to defame her.

I would NEVER trust the information on this website. Now I see why her competitors were catch red handed trying to harm her.


Girl I'm sorry she is mostly definitely a fraud and I have proof I've submitted a report through the BBB with all my information that I recently found out luckily I am actually a paralegal assistant so I am going to see if there is a way to get a lawsuit against her if I can get a petition it's not right what she's doing and she is most definitely buying fake reviews


Alyssa, would you please get back to me to my email: ? I would like to sign the petition and share my story, thank you!


Had passion Panacea cast on 21 September it has not worked I emailed Ashra about this a few weeks ago but got no reply


She has never ignored my emails. Yes, it can take her time to respond back.

She even mentions this within her emails. I think it is very wrong of you to come on this site.

Its a terrible website full of trashy comments that are 90 percent fake and not even verified to be true.

You clearly didn't read this? See below.


It seems very odd that 6 NEW reports were made on this site within 24 hours. Clearly a competitor (the same person) creating multiple negative comments to try to harm her reputation.

Secondly, she says it can take 90 days to see movement, yet you are saying its only been a month.

Also, she would NEVER ignore you; however she is only one person and it will take her time to respond back.

Real clients resolve their issues with the company directly, they don't go on websites gossiping and being rude.

Competitors and Impersonators often use these websites to defame their rivals.

Given how many RESOLVED comments are on this website, its clear that she does resolve issues with REAL PEOPLE.

However, a competitor posting fake comments does not have any intentions to resolve their comments because they have a clear motive for their actions.

I doubt you worked with her, but if for some odd reason you did, ranting on this website isn't going to resolve your concerns. Talk to the company directly.