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I thought I was speaking with the right Ashras. I contacted on one Instagram and I was given an email address ashranetter1 and explained my situation.

The person, who I now found out was an impersonator, then asked me to chat on facebook... so I did.

I grew suspicious when this person instructed me to purchase an iTunes gift card and to send the redeem code over as payment. I continued to chat but cut the conversation short.

Then I found a whole topic about Ashra Impersonators on a forum and realized then that I was nearly scammed by someone pretending to be her.

I found out that many others were scammed by impersonators and competitors plagiarizing her work.

I blocked this person once I realized I wasn't talking to the right person. Then he/she started to threaten me and said that they had accessed my complete friends list and if I didn't pay, this person was going to put a dark cloud over me and my family and they tell all of my friends my secrets.

There are way too many impersonators and I almost got caught up in it.

Reason of review: Avoided an Impersonator.

Ashra Spellcaster Pros: She put me first and never cared about the money, She is honest and caring, She is always there for me.

Ashra Spellcaster Cons: Dishonest competitor, Ashra impersonators, Fake comments by competitors.

  • Plagiarism
  • Online Harassment
  • Dishonest Competitors
  • Fake Comments By Competitors
  • Ashra Impersonators
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