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I found Ashra online (I’m assuming after researching she is ONLY online) I had read numerous reviews slating her and saying she is fake however when i came across her website and some videos on youtube it gave me hope so I purchased a spell. A few days later she sent an email to say it had all been done and to wait it out.

Instantly she suggested another spell which i went along with and purchased, a few days later I got an email to explain it had been carried out and she suggested ANOTHER spell. I’ve purchased around 5 spells now since January and i’ve seen nothing of any benefit despite following her “guidelines”. Numerous times i’ve tried posting on her forums to join in with everyone to no avail. I’ve emailed her twice in the past 2 weeks but no reply, she only seems to reply if it’s in regards to buying something.

I once emailed asking if I had the right contact details and she simply sent “Yes.” No ‘Hello’ no ‘thank you’ just “Yes” - funny how her attitude is polite when money is involved however a simple question gets that response.

It’s shocking what she does, if she wants to dispute this then I can attach pictures if she wishes to go that far. I’d stay away from any online ‘spellcaster’ from now on.

Review about: Ashra Spellcaster Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I received death threats from someone on facebook today. I don't think its just you being attack by her competitors.

If it continues, I will be taken further actions. You cannot threaten to murder someone. This competitor of hers is going too far.

Its SICK!This goes beyond harassment. Every time I try to block them, they keep coming back under different names.


I'm being harassed online. I find it strange that ever since I commented on this website with my apology, her competitors are harassing me on FB and trying to threaten me and anyone on my Friends List.Whoever is behind this is a very sick person.

Get a life. I strongly suspect her competitors are behind the harassment.


No competitor I know personally that she is a fake it's been over a year now and I HAVE ALL THE EMAILS


It looks like some competitor of hers is very upset that Ashras gets all of the client while they lose out.Yes, she is very popular and this makes her an easy target for disgruntled competitors who cannot compete with a genuine caring person.Its so sad that they use dirty tactics like this to get attention. When you see her videos and look at her website, you can tell that everyone is speaking honestly about her.

They are NOT paid. Get a life.They have reached a new low by impersonating her and stealing her product names to try to trick people.


super helpful . I too think she is fake ...Her forum is a trap .

Posts 're from her team and videos too . She is scared of real genuine people so never approves any genuine person in the forum ...Fake like other spellcasters around


Yes , She is a fake lady it seems . What I could figure out is that she has a group of people working under her and they keep updating her forum to look genuine .

This is a trap to lure customer who are desperate to get her attention .Strange part is she never approves you to post anything in the forum as it for fake postings . Such a "yay !!!

my spell worked .... go ahead Ashra is very kind and will help you buy her spells now "So if you are desperate to get help try and find someone you can rely or just leave it to god .Don't go for online scammers ....

to Dee #1455630

Wow this is serious *** The first day I contacted Ashra I just want to let you know that I started seeing movement with my spell. If she doesn’t see a future with you and your lover she will tell you before hand.

I know she is genuine and real and she approved me to be on her forum but I am a client of hers and I asked her to be apart of the forum once I started seeing movement with my spell. Follow her guidelines and you will see movement too.


AShra gets real busy at all times. She typically only sometimes has time to send a simple yes or no as she also has her own life and states she sometimes gets maybe 3-4 hours of sleep!

Not to mention several jealous “casters” are going around stealing her name, emails, and products. It’s sad, but many have fallen victim to that. As far as her being fake, no. And I can attest that many more people will defend her, who are NOT paid, but have truly seen results with her.


Oh, is that why my stubborn ex has said the EXACT words I asked Ashra I wanted him to say? Please make sure you have contacted the correct person.

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