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If your reading this save your pain and money. After casting my first spell she then start telling me more spells I needed and more money.

This is back in 2016, my ex is now engaged to a girl he met well we were together so you tell me how well it worked? Total scay

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashra Spellcaster Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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@NoisySeahorse I am so sorry to hear that happened to you. My ex is with someone he met while we were together also...

I fear engagement may be coming. Shame on Ashra for taking advantage of so many people during their time of emotional need.


Hey it seems like you only casted one spell and Ashra made that recommendation cause she knew it would help. I don’t think one spell could really do much in my opinion, every time Ashra recommended a spell to me I went along with it cause I was willing to do anything to get him back. Once you have enough spells active she won’t recommend any more spells and that’s when she tells you to wait and to follow the guidelines from that point

to A customer of ashras #1503190

I went along with everything she recommended once I was on my 5th spell and over $500 spend I couldn’t believe her anymore especially when I called her out and she stopped responding to my emails I asked for a refund and I’ve haven’t heard from her since

to Anonymous #1514914

Same here.Go post on trust pilot, she’s very active over there. For me it’s been 7 months.

So I trust and believe she’s a fraud. But maybe there is still hope for you at least getting a refund.

to Anonymous #1521579

Then I think she shouldn't sell single spells stating they would work but a bunch of spells together.Besides, in a video a customer says one is enough, you can add more if you want to see results sooner.If one spell is not enough, she shouldn't accept money for it, but only for the group of spells which would actually do something.But they won't.

to A customer of ashras #1504220

I would not listen to anyone who hides under the user names Anonymous or some factious username. They are likely competitors trying to slander and defame her name.

This site doesn't verify if the person is telling the truth or not. Thats the damage of listening to the wrong information.I personally think she is amazing and she was always there for me.

to Use your brain #1504431

Sorry posted comment without signing in so the anonymous message come from me which is the original person that posted this comment. A perfect example my roommate had tried to work with Ashra as well.

As we compared emails they were almost identical only names changed. I’m trying to understand how every single person that casts a spell has barriers in the way that they have to order more and more. Once you run out of money she’ll completely disappear and not respond.

Lesson learned and come to realize if you have to go online odds are it’s a scam all of them not just Ashra. If someone does know of a spell caster that actually works I’d love to know their info so please let me know if you do.

to Use your brain #1504843

I’m not going to lie she hasn’t always been there for me but I would assume that’s because of her high success rate. Ashra will go without responding to my emails but if I do have a serious question she will get back to me right alway- although a short response.

I really don’t have proof of knowing her spells work because I’m still waiting for mine to work. Partially the reason why it hasn’t I guess is cause I broke the guidelines a few times and I reached out to him or spyed on him, also was negative cause I felt like there was no way he’d come back. Now after all this wait and not being able to spy on him has helped me tremendously. I don’t think about him as often.

I feel like I could live without him now, I feel like I’ll be fine if he does or doesn’t come back. I think I’m getting over him.. the crazy thing is I never thought I’d be at this point because my feelings were so strong for him for so long. And when Ashra would cast a spell for me I would see huge signs (like getting a call with a # similar to his) or seeing someone that looked exactly like him or his girlfriend.

This has happened more than once... so I do think she is real for sure. Because who would put their actual photo online for everyone to see if they were really out here scamming people?? It just wouldn’t make sense.

He also reached out to me a few months ago but I reacted to him soo cold. I felt so powerful like I had him In the palm of my hands— huge mistake I made because my negative response only caused a delay in my spells. I didnt know that when your lover does contact or reach out to you, you can’t bring up the past. And he has done things that make me angry about when I think of it..

thats why I reacted so cold, but it didn’t help and that negative reaction only made him run away once again so learned my lesson. Beliving in the spell is what plays a big role in getting the spell to work. Believing in Ashra as well because she is a real person, how can we expect her to help us if we are rushing her for results and then bashing her if things don’t turn out our way? If you spent a lot of money and didn’t break any guidelines for the spells to not work then by all means I understand..

but I know that the more complicated the situation is the longer the spell will take to work and we must work with Ashra with understanding and patience (this is coming from a girl who is still learning patience) yes I might still be waiting for results for 8 months but this is also a guy who I’ve never been in a relationship with, nor had intercourse with and he is very stubborn as well. So I know that my situation will take time, especially because me and him left off on a bad note and he claimed he wanted nothing to do with me. I recently contacted ashra after not seeing my results and she recasted a spell for me for free (which I really think she did) because I had a dream about him and It meant something, it was a huge sign for me. I think ashras spells have even helped me become more of a positive person because I try to keep myself happy at all times.

And I wasn’t like that before. I would just dwell in my sadness for days and think it was okay to be like that but it wasn’t. And being negative pushed not only my lover away but just about everyone around me. It attracted everything that I didn’t want.

So TWO P’s if you’re reading this long message... patience and positivity!!

Remember to be happy and spread love, and laughter to all of those around you!!! :) xo

to A customer of ashras #1514913

Firstly, she should be upfront and tell people if the spell she is casting may not work and that more spells (I.e.) more money will be needed.Has your situation now changed?

to TruthSayerD #1519573

I spent like $1000 on her spells (I decided to do that by purchasing all her spells from her website) I feel like it will work because I purchase so many spells from her. My situation hasn’t changed yet but I know it will take time.

I’m going to hang in there.

I made it really hard for him to reach out to me.. but I know that if he really wants to he will find a way somehow.

to Customer of Ashra #1519934

TruthSayerD is a competitor. Someone else already exposed them as one.

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