It's disheartening to see so many negative responses in regards to Ashra. Many of you should not be requesting spells because CLEARLY, you don't believe they will work for your situation anyway...

I am a current client of hers and I believe she is doing what she can to help my situation. I let her know what was going on in my life and she told me she would be able to help. She responds to the majority of my emails, even when I have told her I could not afford another spell. She has never told me I NEED another spell to boost the ones already cast, but she did say it would be in my best interest.

She STRESSES that one should not try and purchase more than they can afford if it will cause a financial hardship. From my experience working with her, I can say that she is understanding and will listen to you to genuinely try to help fix your situation. She also stresses that you MUST remain positive- she can only do what she is asked, but your THOUGHTS and ATTITUDE will ultimately determine how well your spells manifest. This is why, I believe, she says that spells are NOT 100% guaranteed, as she CANNOT control what you do or how you think.

I see so many people saying 'Its been a month and nothing!' or 'I havent seen any progress'. Well, for one, thats the wrong attitude to have. All should watch or read The Secret if you have not. It will teach you how to think so that your spells and everything else you've ever wanted will manifest fully!

Personally, I cannot say that Ashra has completely rectified my situation, but I can say that even if my love never comes back, I have found a new confidence because of Ashra. Outside of my love life, things for me have changed and are going in a positive direction! She is so positive and her feedback gives me so many positive vibes that I can't help but to remain positive about the fact that everything I desire is on the way! Keep the faith and believe in ALL that you want!

The Law of Attraction says YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL, but Ashra can help you speed things up... Positive Vibes to alllllllllll!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashra Spellcaster Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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What if she claim that she can bring your lover back, but after 3 months he live with another and prepare a wedding? Should I still believe her and keep myself heartbroken?

Positive thinking? BS


Yes, I understand and I apologized to her for some of the nasty things I said. She's been there for me and I did see a lot of movement.

I had a bad day and I lashed out at her.

It was very stupid of me. Once again, I'm sorry for what I did.


I agree. I myself have been receiving anonymous messages on FB and my Twitter account from her competitors.

There is no doubt in my mind that she are always on this site posting negative comments and trying to lure her clients to them. They are sickos.


Too many competitors are upset about her getting all of their clients. Its easy to understand the negatives behind ALL of the negative comments being created by these low-life competitors of hers.Such a shame that they have to resort to dirty tactics instead of focusing on improving the business. Creating negative Karma will never lead to a positive outcome.

to Competitors and Defamation #1462036

I agree and thanks for commenting. I feel that their negative comments are the reasons their spells are not working, and people who happen to read those comments get discouraged in regards to their situations.

Their faith diminishes and their spells are now at risk. Folk just need to stay positive..

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