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Hi I'm LaRochelle Greyling and I am 15 years old and I need you to please help me grant all my wishes for free please I don't have any money and I am honestly so desperate

I live in south africa, mpumalanga, Emalahleni...

These are my wishes:

I wish to change schools to High school Patriot near me, I wish to be beautiful and have a nice body,no pimples and have long hair that goes to my butt.

I wish that I could visit my freinds/boyfriend and them me whenever they and I disire and my dad to not care what I do in and woth my life, and also for my dad to say yes to everything I ask him, and for my dad not to care with who and where i go.

I wish to have nice clothes, shoes, stationery,jewelry, bags, watches, hair accessories, phone cases,and more...

I wish to be smart and never have to learn for any test...

And I wish that one day when I am 17/18 I will become a successful YouTuber...

And my last wish is that all these wishes would come true instantly...

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Ashra Spellcaster Pros: She is honest and caring.

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