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What I did and said about you was not only inappropriate but also foolish on my part. I'm been emotional and I'm also on a period which only made me less in control over my emotional.

Yes, I've seen movement from your work. I made a poor decision to lash out at my ex when you told me prior that I should let him come to me.

I screwed up and couldn't accept my own mistake. I said a lot of things about you that were completely fabricated.

I hope that you forgive me and that nothing I have said or done causes anyone to doubt you.

I do believe her competitors are constantly on this website trying to scare people and impersonate her. Once again, I'm deeply sorry.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: She is honest and caring, She always responds quickly, She is always there for me, Great customer service.

I didn't like: Threaten by her competitors, Online harassement, Ashra impersonators.

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I just sent my apology. Some dude was impersonating her and nearly tricked me into sending money.

Using someone's identity is fraud. If they are willing to impersonate someone, then they are in it to scam you too!


There has been a lot of chatter about her competitors going around using scare tactics to influence her clients. Not only do they plant false slanderous defamatory comments, they impersonate her and try to trick her clients.

This is another reason why you cannot always trust what you read online. This site doesn't verify anything and often tried to hide people under random usernames and Anonymous ids.

This site also exposes your personal information if the company wants to sue the person over a comment they made on this site. People really need to do their homework instead of trusting gossip.

to Common Sense #1561637

Hello Ashra.

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