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I have emailed her about doubts I had after my spell had been cast and losing hope. I would not go and claim she is a fraud or scam, but her customer service skills need work.

I admit my doubts and one minute later she sends an email. I inquiried about my spell progress with her before but it went ignored after paying. I was respectful, but did question her. My forum account ended up getting suspended and my apologies ignored.

I understand if she is busy, but if she cared then she would be reassuring me and answering concerns or questions I have. So far, that is not my experience. I hope she accepts my apology and is able to understand I never meant it in a bad way. I am not a competitor nor am I looking to get in legal trouble.

This is a review at the poor communication I have received. I was as polite to her as I could have been. I suppose she doesn’t consider me her client anymore... I hope this is able to be resolved because I want her to show she cares about clients but so far that isn’t my case.

It was not my intention to be rude. I questioned her, had doubts, and because of it I guess she is very angry at me.

I apologized and proceeded to be ignored further or blocked. I hope this is able to be resolved

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is a new low for Competitors who play dirty. I too was contacted by a competitor who asked me to say negative things about her in exchange for free help.They told me I was cured and that they could remove the curse in exchange for bad-mouthing her.I cannot believe that her competitors are reaching an all new low. They steal her identity (impersonating her), steal her products and spread false information.Shame on Them!

to Shame of Them #1436494

Exactly. I was emailed by her informing me of this post as I guess they posted my private email with them and copy and pasted it into this complaint form.

As someone posted this anonymously, I can't shut it down and resolve it. I sadly deleted almost all those emails with competitors, but nearly every single one had a gmail domain. I don't know what they could gain from impersonating ME and then posing as a customer...I suppose they are just bored or butthurt lol.

It was very vindictive and manipulative anyway. Hopefully they stop this to me and other clients she has.


This comment was posted by one of her competitors who lured me into venting with them via email and proceeded to use everything I said against me and her. It is best to delete and remove their posts.I sincerely apologize to Ashra as I was wrong to share information with another. They have used it against me and it was deserved.

to harzna #1436482

Keep in mind, a competitor used my email address as they lured me into talking with them, and posted my exact words to them in this post. I sincerely apologize to Ashra for confiding in competitors of hers.

As you can see, they copy and pasted my complaint in my email to them on this website and used my email address to do so anonymously.

I deserved it.I'm sorry, Ashra. I will have stricter ignore and block laws when it comes to these people.


Ashra gets extremely busy. I would suggest just emailing her directly and taking up any concerns with her.

On her forums she told everyone that she is behind due to many new clients and Valentine's Day orders, mine being one of them.If you have apologized, apologize again. Don't be a child who vents on here like an angsty butthurt Facebook user.


Too many fake comments are posted by her competitors. If you are a real client, then why didn't you use this page: can not resolve or address issues unless you contact her directly.

Unless you like reading useless fictional gossip that is not even true.Pissed C.

Is just as dirty as a trash can. A bunch of garbage!


She would never block or ignore you so I find this comment hard to believe. However, if you have done something to upset her, then the right thing to do is to contact her and sincerely apologize.

Also, many people fail to realize that she is only one person.

She likely has thousands of people contacting her daily because of her popularity. I can only imagine how much time it takes for her to get through all of her inquiries.

She has been open and honest on her site about it taking up to a week to respond back.

Be realistic and understand she is only one person with a lot of people getting in touch with her. Also, don't focus on the negative and fake gossip created by her competitors. Problems do not get resolved by posting on this site.

If anyone has concerns, they should be talking with her directly.

People DO NOT understand the consequences of agreeing to the TERMS on Pissed C.

when they make a comment. Its very serious.

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