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I have used Ashra before and never noticed any type of results. Only thing I’ve noticed are constant emails how I we are “almost there”!

I think she just sends out spam emails to her customers (changing names etc.) but all in all no. Never had any success with any of Ashra’s spells and would not recommend her.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashra Spellcaster Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Her competitors are harassing me on FB and threatening me. Now I understand why people are saying that her competitors are behind all of the negative comments and trying to impersonate her. They don't like how popular she has become.


I smell a competitor. She has too many clients saying that he stuff works. I myself have seen results in a way that would not be possible without her help.Whoever wrote that comment, get a life and stop hiding under anonymous names!


The real Ashra never sends out spam emails and changes names. She has a lot of clients to keep track of.

I have never received more than 1-3 from her at a time and usually have to wait because she’s one person and busy. She never sends out false hope. If you are a real client it’s quite easy to see at least some type of sign or result, maybe not right away and maybe not in the way you want, but it happens. Otherwise the person I’m trying to win back would’ve never struggled with his feelings in the first place.

It spells didn’t work he’d be nasty to me and already have moved on. Ultimately success depends also on your attitude, compliance to guidelines, and if the Universe wants it to be. Are you sure you have not been scammed by an imposter? Ashra usually takes a little while because she’s very busy.

Or are you a jealous competitor? Dare you start anything with me haha. If not, posting poor reviews on here is begging for a lawsuit. The Ashra I know may take a while but always does.

She never gives false hope and is understanding and forgiving.

But it seems you just don’t have a life. Oh well, guess spellwork isn’t for everyone.

to HJP2120 #1521605

I really want to hear from someone who got what they paid for. It seems there are quite many people filled with hope but just none who has had their hopes fulfilled. And it is easy to scream "competitor", you can scream it at me all you want, I know I am not, haha.

to IdidntneedthiswhenIwasdown #1552718

That's it! And if they did, it was pure luck, not Ashra.

to IdidntneedthiswhenIwasdown #1555702

I agree I used her too and nothing ever happen. In her forum there is people that have been waiting for years and they still have hope it’s going to work.

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