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Update by user Oct 31, 2017

Oops. Typo;) I'm thankful that SHE actually cares to help. Again, I'm sorry for what I did and my selfish behavior.

Update by user Oct 31, 2017

I'm now in touch with Ashra. She said that she would help me and not to worry about the money.

I'm thankful that he actually cares. Its rare to see in a world that seems so cruel at times.

Original review posted by user Oct 31, 2017

I want to formally apologize to Ashra for my behavior. I had no money and came across a spell caster who promised to cast for free.

However, he said that I had to do him a favor and show good karma if I wanted him to cast something that will work. Honestly, I was selfish in that moment... I was willing to do anything to get my husband back so I went along with what he said and created a bunch of fake comments on Ashra. I've never used her services, but I wish I did.

However, I don't have money. Ashra, if you are reading this, please accept my sincere apologies for my actions. Now I know what you mean about fake comments being posted about you and competitors who are willing to do anything to harm others. I'm trying to get my other comments removed, but the site says they are permanent and cannot be removed.

I hope that no one takes what I said about you to heart. I take back all of the negative comments I posted. I want to warn people that the other reports were right. Someone is going around telling people that they will cast a free spell if you defame Ashra.

This person ignored me after I did what he asked of me. Thats when I realized that I was played.

He also stole a lot of products and has them listed on his website. Maybe even impersonating her.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Ashra Spellcaster Pros: She is honest and caring, She is always there for me, She put me first and never cared about the money.

Ashra Spellcaster Cons: Dishonest competitors, Ashra impersonators, Fake comments by competitors.

  • Dishonest Competitors
  • Fake Comments By Competitors
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Someone is going around pretending to be her. I’m also being harassed by her competitors.

They even stole my Fb page. Just thought to let everyone know.


Why am I not surprised! Someone is going around brainwashing people to commit a crime by defaming others online in exchange for free help.

That's a new low for her competitors.

This is why people shouldn't believe everything they read online. She has been in business 17 years and cares deeply about her customers.

People should really read the fineprint on this site before posting. You legally are accountable for your comments and not this website.

This would also explain why a competitor is asking people to commit the crime instead of themselves. They want the blood to be on YOUR hands; not theirs for what you post.

This website will not remove your comments once you post them.

This makes you legally liable for your actions and not this website. When you agree to the terms on posting, you agree that you are responsible for what you post.

I'm glad you apologized to her, but what I shame that this site refuses to take down fabricated comments that were a direct results of a competitors brainwashing.

Hopefully she does help you because you will see how caring she actually is.

@Why am I not surprised

I am another who has been a victim of Ashra not responding. She responded long enough to explain and offer a spell, a link to click on to receive the spell.

She has not responded yet, not at all. Everyone cant be lying on Ashra.

@Denise Mcgee

Your kidding me right? She is only one person and she receive thousands of emails per day.

Calling yourself a victim just because she didn't get back to you quick enough is completely stupid. She also clearly stated that it can take weeks to hear back from her as she is that far behind schedule.Maybe you should be searching for someone less popular who will have a free schedule to take on your situation.

@Denise Mcgee

I am in the same position now... it’s like emails that are general questions to really just give you a peace of mind aren’t answered but if it’s dealing with a purchase, they’re responded to.