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Just like everyone else, I contacted Ashra in my time of need. At first, I was very optimistic. However, Ashra never gave me the support I needed. She never answered any of my questions and would only contact me after purchasing a spell or to recommend more spells. I...
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{{redacted}} I know what you did!! I know what you worked on me when I confronted you about your spells on the lottery... We both knew you didn't do it, but what you did do is put black magic on me!! The holy spirit told me Emily. . Found out it's your name!!...
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Her name isn't Emily. she created that name to get people off the trail of who she really is.

She is from Canada and NOT Australia. She can fake it as much as she can. She isn't in America. She uses Voice Over IP for a phone number that traces to Google!

- She still lives in Ontario and she is still scamming people. So sad, that many of us are falling for it; that many of us have fallen for this over the years. Don't let this scammer fool you or anyone else. If you paid money to "Asrha" aka Sarah, then get a refund asap.

She is a good scammer, she makes you feel good with the templates she creates and adds your and your lovers name. It is everywhere on the net that she is a scammer, why do people continue to fall for her?

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Do you guys want to know where her positive YouTube reviews come from? A while back she had sent around an email offering to cast a free spell for anyone who went on YouTube and posted a POSITIVE REVIEW about her! Those of you who subscribe to her newsletter (or who...
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lol. The comment was from 2009, not 2011....

the first time. 2nd time it was posted again in 2011. And I am not the original poster. I find it funny when someone posts a negative review, that is truthful and then they recant what was being said because you get to them.

Stop making up names Ashra, on this site, 'Asrha' we all know it is you. Not sure what you are worried about. You have been scamming for a long time.

There are no competitors or impersonators, like another post I read on here said, you are not a famous person, so why would there be competitors or impersonators? If you are worried about not getting any more money from your scam, do what the rest of us do, a REAL job.

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