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Update by user Jan 06, 2018

I sincerely apologize for the negative comments I posted about Ashra. I made a mistake and I hope that no one is discouraged from using her services based on my bad behavior.

She IS NOT a scam. However, she is obviously a very busy person and I should have been more patient with her; especially given that its the holidays and she must be extremely busy.

Once Again, I sincerely apologize for what I’ve said. This issue has been resolved.

Update by user Jan 06, 2018

I'm sorry the spell I purchased wasn't gold kiss , I forgot what its called.

Original review posted by user Jan 06, 2018

I requested 4 spells, passion panacea(or however you spell) , gold kiss,a beauty spell and a persuasion spell. Every email i received after the payments i had made looked like they had been sent to hundreds of other people only filling in my name and the person i had requested the spell to be cast on.

The customer service is horrible, she sends short sentences as if shes getting annoyed just because the customer's demanding for what we have paid for. Most of these spells arent cheap. I gave up trying to contact this scammer , she doesnt even deserve one star. Ashra is full of ***.

More than $400 spent on auto sent emails. I DO NOT RECOMEND HER SERVICES!

Dont believe me ? Heres the last emails i got from her

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashra Spellcaster Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Many competitors use this website trying to conceal their identity and pretend to be victims. This makes is difficult for readers to tell which comments are real and which are fake.

I personally do not trust the negative information on this website.

The only way concerns are resolved is by contacting the company directly.

Many people don’t realize what they are agreeing to when they sign the TERMS box before posting their comments. When you agree to the TERMS, you are agreeing to take fully responsibility should the company want to sue you for defamation, slander or libel.

There is a lot of proof that her competitors are behind the negative things being said about her and I know that when she does have a concerned client, she works very hard to resolve their concerns in any way possible.

A lot of her competitors fear her due to her stellar reputation and the fact that she does not hide under phony photos or quickly built websites like many of them out there.

Its nice to hear that you resolved your concerns with her and have apologized for your actions.


Jocelyn, calling someone a scam or fraud is not only disrespectful, its also defamation. Secondly, what you are saying about her doesn't sound right.

She is very caring and nothing you are saying reflects how she actually is as a person.

A lot of negative comments about her get resolved. I bet its because people learn that the only way to resolve the problem is to talk to the company directly; not be defamation which could lead to legal troubles for the poster of the comments.

Jocelyn, if you are having issues with the service you received, there is a customer support ticket you should fill out located here:

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