Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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In 2009 i purchased over 500 dollars worth of spells. I was young, naive and vulnerable.

She kept sending emails to cast more spells for an extra fee. Lots of templates and "cookie cutter" emails with your name in it. And fake sympathy asking how you are doing etc. Preys on the vulnerable and weak.

I was young so i believed in spells. 10 years later not at all. Psychics and mediums yes, although ive gotten a reading from her and it was literally 2 sentences long. Said how some random guy i liked was my soulmate.

Funny to this day hes in jail actually LOL. Ya none of them worked and shes not even good at pretending to do good psychic readings. She also got me to write a positive review before my spell "worked" and "stay positive and results will come". "Write something positive and ill cast another spell".

I doubt the girl in the picture is even her.

And not sure what her real name is Some claim Sarah?

Shes a good scam artist/con artist. No conscious, taking peoples money with no worries to herself. Making sure her reviews stay positive so people fall for her game.

Its smart.

Good spell caster/psychic? Not so much.

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