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Her followers are delusional. She doesn't email you back and when she does, it's a formal copy of others.

She is a fraud. Some people have luck BECAUSE the outcome would have happened WITHOUT her help anyway but they think SHE did it WOW! I joined her forums and i couldn't post ANYTHING, just reply but only AFTER my reply was reviewed. She (or someone) monitors you.

No one EVER talked with me in the forums. She never answered me for anything nor did anyone else in her forums on my replies (i didn't have permission to freely post anything or start a conversation). She never even tried to help me! I believe she preys on people who want to believe so bad, or people who need to be a part of something they think is cool.

Seek out a REAL caster.

I found a voodoo priest who IS real and it worked. Yes i paid but what he did for me would NOT have happened with HER because she doesn't posses the power.

Review about: Ashra Spellcaster Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have stumbled across this, as I am a recent male customer of her's and within a week I spent just under $500 with the conversion rate. She was quick on the responses until I question her on the last purchase instead of buying that also.

Now all of a sudden she is hard to get in contact with. I will try the support ticket & see if I have any luck there. But really these comments are pathetic, the bully here appears to be the person who is defending her *** how the *** would you know what took place between the woman who appears to have made a genuine complaint.

If someone doesn't find the service to their expectation, it is their prerogative to state otherwise. I would not usually bother, in what appears to be nothing but *** comments between silly women who react before they think, but given I find myself in a position of weighing up the money I've spent v's what I have received in return so far, time will tell!


I'm starting to think that you are right about Ashra!!!


She is most definitely a fraud and I have proof I filed a complaint with the BBB which probably nothing will be done but I also plan to do a review on YouTube and see if there is a way I can start a petition because she needs to be shut down


This is totally bullshits !! Sent her mails after paying the services with top up nothing done and sent a mail no response for coming 2 months !!

You call that honest ?! Please!!

We need help and we got into this situations ! What goes around comes around !!

to Low May Ling #1342461

She DOES NOT ignore her clients. I know because I've used her services and she always responds.

Maybe you should use the Support Ticket link someone else mentioned below.

If you are an actually client of hers and you have a concern, then contact her. Otherwise, its hard to believe what you are saying is even true.


Just in case Ana or Voodoo Priest say they tried contact her and got no response, I will remind you of her customer page where you can create a ticket regarding your concerns.

She would never ignore someone's concerns. Businesses are successful because of their customer support.

They don't want someone being unhappy.

So I'm asking everyone to let ANNA12 advertise her Voodoo Preist, let her spread false lies, let her do whatever it is that turns her on...

But do not continue giving her attention. Real clients always address concerns with the company directly.

This will be my last comment on this silly website where lies run rampant.


Her name is not Ana Ronaire and she doesn't live in Florida. If she is not willing to contact the company directly about her concerns, then she isn't a client and she doesn't care to resolve her issues.

She only cares about defaming people with false lies.

This is a bully, someone trying to get attention. This is why I would encourage EVERYONE to stop giving ANNA12 any attention. She is a competitor.

She lives in the Michigan and her name first name is likely Kristina.

If Kristina were to contact the company directly, this issue would have been resolved a long time ago.

Everyone needs to stop giving this bully attention.

Nothing gets resolved when she is unwilling to approach the company with her concerns.

The company would rather keep clients happy then to have someone upset. So I'm asking everyone to let ANNA12 advertise her Voodoo Preist, let her spread false lies, let her do whatever it is that turns her on... But do not continue giving her attention. Real clients always address concerns with the company directly.

Nothing gets resolved when someone doesn't want to resolve it and their sole purpose is to lie and spread lies. A customer support link was already provided in this thread below.

She would use it if she were a real client. This will be my last comment on this silly website where lies run rampant.


spsreviewforum is not a creditable source. Type in "sps review forum scam" into google and you will see what I mean.

So you are basically defaming her on fake information?

Also, I contacted her. She has no client under the name Ana Ronaire. Now I know your lying. Oh, ripoffreport is notorious for extorting money out of companies.

Ed, the man behind the site has literally tens of thousands of companies who want to cut off his head.

Your name isn't Ana Ronaire and you were never her client. You refuse to contact her to fix your concerns which is why you ended up in the spot you are in.

Yes, I know you will tell everyone that you have contacted her, but its just a lie.

You should feel ashamed of yourself.

Florida, United States #1336710

My name is Ana Ronaire, and WOW you guys are just unbelievable for using such offensive words toward someone that you don't know. You don't know the pain I have gone through, yet it's so easy for you to assume and use a bad language.

I don't have to do with that priest, and I didn't used any kind of offensive language towards Ashra. I only shared my experience and I have the right to do. I paid money for her services and I have the right to say whatever I want when I believe that I was lied to and taken advantage of. Any of you don't have to agree on what I said, if you believe in her then good for you.

All I have to say is Thank You for saying those words towards me, I am not going to lower myself in your level and reply to you to in the same way. I am expressing to my opinion, NO ONE HAS TO BELIEVE IT. Just because we live in a free society where we have the right to express anything, we shouldn't offend other people, it's not right. Either way this is the last time I am replying to those comments.

And BTW I live in Florida, just didn't want to share anything because I still had hopes for my ex-lover that we would be together, but to this point it doesn't matter anymore because that will never happen anymore. Thank you for making fun of someone who is broken hearted and was desperate to get some results but I never did.

And the reason why I said she has workers is because I read it in the pages I am attaching below.

That's where I read the other reviews for her services.


Thank you for confirming you are a competitor. I will not be using your Voodoo Priest.

The only fraud is someone who hides behind Anonymous ids and defames others.

That's low.

As for myself, I have nothing to hide. I live in North Hills California.

to Annaleah Domin #1336315

Annaleah Domin, She is just a bully and competitor who's trying to lure people to some Voodoo Priest. Also note that this ANA122 also posted comments about getting men 2rape her.

There were comments about her being knocked up by them too. I ask this website to take down those comments because it really crossed the line.

ANA122 is an attention seeker, bully, likely with no life and had a fetish for defaming people.

To ANA122, I will not be donating to your Voodoo Priest.

Bullies love attention.

This is why this crazy ANA122 keeps posting defamatory comments. Real people with concerns, don't act immature.

They work out their problems with the company directly.

To ANA122, this will be my last post. I wish you luck with your Voodoo priestess character.

to Annaleah Domin #1336357

Annaleah Domin, I completely agree. I was abused by a narcissists for several years.

ANA12's behavior reminds me of my past experience. I'm against online bullying and I feel for victims of sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths.

I believe that allowing these types of people to remain anonymous and spread lies and fabrications, is devastating on the victims these type of people like to target.

If ANA12 was an actual person, she would contact the company about her concerns instead of pursuing narcissistic behaviors in an attempt to discredit one person to favor her Voodoo Priest.

It makes me sick to think people like this still exist in this world. I'm still recovering from my past and her comments are opening up new wounds.


LOL, good luck in waisting your money. I would rather donate it to someone in need than give it to a fraud.

If you want to be naive, be my guest, please I hope you buy as many spells as you can if you are one of her clients, and waste all your money on her because you deserve it.

Meanwhile those who came across this page and happened to read those comments and reviews, I have only one advice to them. DO your research before deciding to waste your money. Just do your research, google her name and look for reviews in other sites other than her fake forum.

There is so many pages on google if you keep going after the first page where people share their experience with her. Please, you are going to thank me later.


Definitely a competitor! Yea right...

you expect me to believe she employs over a thousand people? That's not possible. You say you contacted her, but I don't believe that either. She wouldn't ignore you.

She is the complete opposite of your accusations.

Either you are competitor (highly likely), or someone who doesn't know how to resolve problems with the company and likes to lie about trying to contact her.


If you read my whole comment I said I have contacted her before but she HASN'T replied to my emails. What part of this you didn't understand?

And I am not going to share my full name here because I want to keep my identity private. I don't want my ex-lover to find out that I am casting spells for him, and I am sure you would do the same as well as many other people who cast spells. And what is the point of you contacting her. If you are a client of her, I am a client as well so she is supposed to answer all of her clients.

What you said is pointless, no one need to contact her on behalf of anyone else. And good for you that you trust her, you have your own opinion, i have mine. There is no need to call me a competitor while I am just one of her clients that didn't get results. The fact that she is ignoring me tells me a lot and makes me believe she is a fraud and I have my right to express my opinion about my experience with her, as you have the right to defend her since you believe in her.

Since you seem so "loyal" most likely I am taking to her right now or maybe someone that works for her, who knows I have read other reviews in other pages saying that she has workers, so I don't know what to believe. I just know that I feel bad for the money I spend and for the fact that I had my hopes high. I was heartbroken and desperately seeking for a spellcaster. I put my trust on her, and it was really crushing for me to see that i didn't get result or that she doesn't even answer me.

And btw what's your full name since you said I am hiding under fake id, you are doing the same. So go ahead and share your full identity, otherwise you are not reliable as well.

to ANA12 #1336141

Are you saying that she employees thousands of workers? Get real, I know that's not true.

Also, I don't work for her. She did bring my husband back and I do consider her a friend. She always responds to my emails which is why I know you are lying. If you had any intentions of resolving your issues with her, you would contact her instead of repeating that you did and lying about her ignoring you.

She would never do such a thing.

My name is Elaine Campbell. I don't hide under false Ids like her competitors often do.

If you don't want to contact her, then I guess the problem is on you, not her. I don't believe you contacted her because she does not ignore people.

I wish you the best of luck to you ANONYMOUS COMPETITOR.

Let me guess... you didn't know about this?:


I would bet my last dollar that she didn't check out your support ticket page-link. She isn't a client, just some nasty woman and her voodoo priest person.

I would agree, she never ignored my emails.

Oh, I did look at the link and I see the step-by-step instructions that ANA12 could have followed if she were an actual client.


The only way to make a bully understand that what they are doing is wrong, is for them to get a taste of their own medicine.

Your best to ignore this person as bullies love attention.

ANA12 is completely lying about trying to contact her. I've never had an issue getting through to her.


You don't have to believe me. I have contacted her several times through emails she never answered me and it's been a month, so what am I supposed to do according to you.

She ignores me, my spells aren't working, and you are expecting me to come here and praise her. I was gonna praise her if I got results but I didn't get anything and she doesn't even answer me. As I said you don't have to trust what I am saying, I am being honest and explaining my situation. I am not saying anything bad about her, but based on my personal experience she seems a fraud.

She took a little over $200 from me and she doesn't even respond to my emails, and I am supposed to say good things about her. What about my money that is gone, or what about my hopes that were crushed, those don't matter according to whoever you are, unless it's her.

So problems with her aren't solved by contacting the company itself because I have already done it and I have no problem in even screenshoting the emails that I have send her and received with the dates and everything and posting it here. So you can say whatever you want, and everyone who doesn't believe what I said, please do me a favor and go buy a spell from her, you all will come here after.

to Ana12 #1335493

Your right! I don't believe you.

She is not the type to ignore her clients.

She is completely opposite to what you are making her out to be.

Instead of ranting on, you would be much better contacting her directly.

If you really are a client, then what is your full name and I will be more then happy to contact her on your behalf.


Can you please share the name or any contact of the real spellcaster you found??

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