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If your reading this save your money. It will be almost a year and still no results.

I can tell Ashra doesn’t care and no body in the world is that busy. I believe she is telling me a lie and I can’t do anything about it now since it’s too late to refund my money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashra Spellcaster Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm glad to hear that her competitors got caught red-handed defaming her and pretending to be clients when they were never one of her clients. It goes to show you cannot trust all of the negative information you read online.

Most of the time there are motives behind the gossip.My experience with her has been a positive one. She cares about her clients.

to Brian Juice #1507256

Hey Brian.. I am actually a customer of ashras and I’m still waiting to see results.

I’m not a competitor, and I’ve purchased so many spells from Ashra.

I wrote this when I was devastated from not seeing any results but she did cast a free spell for me after I contacted her so I will wait and see. Thank you


I wrote this because I was full of doubt and negativity. I take back what I said because Ashra spells do work.

There is proof, if you try her.

Her spell will work on you first and that is how you should know that it’s working on your lover too. I don’t regret taking my chance with Ashra I know she will help me!!

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