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To be clear, I am not an "anonymous competitor." I actually was about to be a customer of Ashra's. I got wind of Ashra via YouTube when I typed in the search box, "lottery spells." There were a bunch of video "reviews" under herYouTube name Ashra Koehn.

To be honest, they seemed a bit underwhelming, almost rehearsed, bland, and perhaps even scripted. There wasn't any real backstory to them, just undying loyalty and encouragement that Ashra's spells work and to go to her website and get one from her. There were claims that if one is not able to pay, she would offer a spell for free, which I actually had not heard of any spellcaster who would do that. I decided to take a chance and go onto her website and request a spell to increase finances.

A few days to a week later, she sent to me an email with the title, "Just Making Sure You're Okay," (which, upon further research, I later found out was canned/a template). Within the body of her email, she suggested I buy an "Effusive Lottery Spell" immediately, which was $76.93. I told her I didn't have the money that day, but that I could pay for it on the 15th, which was yesterday. I thought she would say she would do it for free, as I didn't have the money at that time, as others had suggested, but she replied, "No, I can wait until the 15th." With that, I KNOW the Universe was protecting me because, on the 15th, I tried several times to purchase this "spell," and the payment would NOT go through, no matter what I tried.

I took that as a HUGE sign that perhaps I shouldn't buy a spell from her, so I decided to Google "Ashra Spells reviews," and came across so many negative reviews on her. It seems she has a lot of "yes-people" at her helm/working for her who try to snuff out the naysayers, but if she's sending out bad karma in the first place by taking people's money and not doing actual spells, she will get what's coming back to her, either in this life or the next.

I feel sorry for her. I'm so glad I dodged a bullet and that I didn't bother paying for one of her "spells!"

Review about: Ashra Spellcaster Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Happy because I didn't buy her "spell!".

I didn't like: Many negative reviews and possible fraudulent activities.

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She first sent me an email "just making sure you're okay" and after I told her my reasonings for wanting a spell done and she told me a spell that would work so a few more emails were exchanged but after I asked her some questions after I sent in the conformation for my spell without really sending the money she never emailed me back.

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