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She is a fake tells people she does spells and what she really is a theif and takes advantage of people and their wallets, please do not order spells from this lady she is a *** artist at best she will email you to get your money then when you actually find out her spells dont work and want your money she doesn't answer you back, do not give this lady money. She sends cookie cutter letters and her fake awards that she is the best spell caster then her fake reviews on youtube. She should get arrested for steeling money from people she is no spellcaster.

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I have purchase to spells from the scam artists and the only time she responds as if you try to dispute and get your money back. All along she told you I believe you are going to get whatever spell she is casting with no results.

It has been 3 months now and I have seen nothing and now that I am trying to dispute a transaction with her she is flipping out about the money and has no comment about the spell she cast her how it will work or whatever. Do not waste your time or money she has a huge scam artists and Post Falls testimonials on her page


Wow I just received a email from her myself,I found her email address on a pregnancy forum and these womeb claim she is the real McCoy,so I emailed her back and asked her for verifiable references and I have heard nothing else from her so far,so I'm glad I pulled this up myself I just want a baby ,people like her need to be arrested. She's conning people out of there money serioysly


yes that is true ,i also suffered,45 days past and no result has been come out


I would like to tell everybody that Ashra is not worth. She never replies to you once she has taken money.

I ordered 5 different spell from her. Till the time you are giving money, she is happy. When I asked that 45 days has been passed, she stopped replying to emails. I have ordered many love spells and I have found that you *must* cast love spell yourself as the most important ingredient is your loving feeling.

Do not pay any money to Ashra. She is scam, cheat and has created multiple websites so that when you google it scan websites are not displayed on first page.


Who believes in such cr@p? All I have to say is SUCKER!

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