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Ashra Koehn is 100 % percent a fraud and should be ashamed of her self praying on people's bad times I went to Ashra a couple of months ago and purchased two spells from her passion panacea and another one I forgot the name I had came across her on YouTube after going to another scam spell caster Ashra had good reviews online and at the time I didn't think it was weird that she only had online reviews from her YouTube there are absolutely no reviews on her from people's PERSONAL YouTube accounts which is a red flag I went to her FB and she had good reviews also so I went ahead and paid for my spells she sent me what she calls a overview after she cast the spell for you to tell you how the outcome is she also leaves recommendations on other spells you can cast to make it stronger she also advises you can contact her anytime for anything just give her 48 hrs to respond since she's busy totally understand standable well I cast the spell receiverd the report after saying The spell went great a couple days later I had some questions for her so I emailed her I heard nothing from her no response which was weird because when I initially reached out for the consultation I heard right back with her within maybe our two so I gave her 48 hours still no response about a week rolls by I hear nothing from her at all at all on the fourth day I sent her another email thinking maybe she didn't see it but still never received a respond from her about the questions I had but during that time she had sent me multiple emails saying that The spirits reached out to her and told her that I need to get the specific spell because she could see that my boyfriend was driving away from me and she didn't want that to happen so after I receive that email I immediately messaged her back saying hey Asherah I've been trying to get in contact with you I haven't heard from you at all and she would never respond so at this time I'm thinking OK well maybe she's just really busy so I purchased the second spell from her she send me back the report saying it went well I am mediately emailed her back saying again hey I've been trying to reach you I have some questions to my situation that I'm very concerned about and I haven't heard back from you and it's been more than 48 hours she not once responded to my questions about maybe a week later she sends me another email saying the spirits reached out to her again that I need to get another spell so I emailed her right back and ask her what she receiving my emails because I haven't heard anything from her she never once responded so I go online to her Facebook account and I comment on the status saying hey Asherah I've been trying to get a hold of you almost for a month and now I have some questions and I have her back please let me know what's going on also I was trying to get into her forum on her website and had not been excepted so she responds to me on her Facebook post saying oh she's been so busy and that she will get back to me and that she's going to approve me to be on her forum now at this time I'm starting to get really bad vibes so I'm looking through the Facebook comments and I see a whole bunch of people are saying that she's never responding to their emails that she won't respond so a couple girls happened to message me on Facebook asking me about the situation so me and one of the girls particular we start talking and I tell her that it's funny that she always is sending me emails about purchasing the spells but never responds back when I have a question for Her she only responds when I buy a spell from her so she says Ashra is doing the the same thing to her she also said how Asher had emailed her telling her the spirit told her she needed to purchase a specific spell so I sent her the email that I had received from Astra for both my spouse and I sent her the report the Astra sent me after the spouse well me and two of the girls both purchase the passion panacea she also said how Asher had emailed her telling her the spirit told her she needed to purchase a specific spell so I sent her the email that I had received from Astra for both my spouse and I sent her the report the Astra sent me after the spouse well me and the girl both purchase the passion panacea spell went screenshoted our "Report/Review" of the spell she emailed to use along with the emails she was sending us saying the spirit told her that we needed to purchase this spell because she saw our lover turning away and EVERYTHING was the EXACT SAME the only different thing on our reports and emails was she changes the name of our boyfriend or the girlfriend I message the other girls showing her my reports from Ashra and emails and low and behold everything was he same and we all had the same story that she would email us about spells but wouldn't respond to our questions I then went to her FB and started scrolling through the comments on her post and 80% were saying they couldn't get in contact with her and the other people I noticed that were giving her the good reviews were from Africa specifically Nigeria I believe she is buying good reviews also I noticed on her YouTube she has the same black girl who constantly gives her good reviews the reviews on her YouTube channel are coming from the same 4 girls and 1 guy I went on google and see their are multiple scam reports on her always lastly she she is offering free spells to people but the ONLY way to get a "FREE" spell done is if you became part of a member on her website forum and give her a rating now she has to approve you to even become a part of the forum she takes she doesn't want anyone negative so you can't just join and all the comments and ratings on her website and forum get approved by her so you have absolutely no choice but to write a good review about her because if you don't the comment will get deleted and she kicks you out the group and on her FB page you can't even write a review on her all you can do is comment on post and I've seen it were someone complained and she'll erase the comment she tries to address the scam issue saying she had a imposter that is called ashraspells.com which is vey well could be but is also as fake as them come she is FRAUD and those are facts I know spell work isn't a guarantee and those are chances you take but to sell people a dream knowing she is not a spell caster or casting any spells for people is horrible look at the red flags no good spell caster offers free spells first off not one person has made a review video from their own YouTube account the reviews are coming from her YouTube channel red flag you can't rate her on FB red flag she doesn't respond to your emails after you get the consultation and you buy the spells redddd flag and you can't talk to her by phone huge red flag

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashra Spellcaster Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I am curious.. what other spell did you purchase?

You should have all facts before you post anything on anyone else... I personally been working with her since August and have every single communication...

You have emails from PayPal and Ashra to confirm your spell purchase and should never eliminate your supporting documents.

@Carol G

The person who made this false comment about her was never a client. Their is an investigation and proof of the defamation and slander case against another person who posted defamatory comments about her as well.

Slander and Defamatory comments are not okay. If you read the Terms you need to sign to post on this site, it says that you will be held accountable should the company you talk about want to sue you.

That was the case for another person who made defamatory remark. Now they are in legal trouble.

@Defamation and Slander

I saw something about this online. Someone posted a photo if the defamation case again this person.

I think a lot of people post bad things either because they are a competitor, a negative minded person, or revengeful. In that moment, they don't realize the consequences of slandering someone's reputation.

I don't feel sorry for whoever is badmouthing her and neither will the judge.

If you defame someone, there will be consequences.

@Defamation and Slander

People actually think they are "Anonymous"!?! LOL.

PissedC will expose your personal information to the company who is suing you for defamation! LOL. Its right in their terms. If this site receives a legal notice to reveal your details, they will.


PissedC doesn't have your best interest at heart. They are making money off ads and trying to influence you to talk trash about companies which could land you in a world of financial hurt when the company wants to sue you for damages.