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She is a liar and scammer. I bought spells from her too and when I asked about refunds she never replied to any of my continuous sending emails.

Her spells never worked. And her forum is the biggest scam. I was reading this thread of how this girl was potentially "Xara" and she was saying bad things about her. What does Ashra think that people are ***.

That's a situation created by Ashra to show people that "Xara" is potentially harming her by using fake identities of other people. This "Xara" spellcaster is a fake one because I have tried her before, but Ashra is even worse than her. Ashra tries so hard to maintain her fake reputation by paying people to do videos and what's even funnier is that those videos doesn't really show any success story, just a bunch of the same people (I think it's like 3 or 4 different girls that make a video for every topic from her forum). They all say how good she is and stuff and repeat themselves over and over.

And her workers on the forum keep posting the same things over and over. Some of her workers in the forum are under the names of RubyXRed or Gaby. Go in the forum read everything and you will know what I am taking about. She is not Authentic, her explanation never matched my situation.

She doesn't care about you, she only replies whenever you say you want to add another spell. If you give money to her she is nice to you, otherwise she won't even reply to your emails anymore. Don't even try to leave a comment in her forum, she won't approve it. Either way I am curious to read how she will probably relate this comment to one her rival spellcasters saying that I am trying to ruin her name.

I am not trying to ruin anyone's name. I was one of her clients and I am only saying how my experience with her was. I didn't get any results to sum this up.

If you want to buy spells from her, go ahead you are more than welcome to do so and waste your money. Karma will get you Ashra.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashra Spellcaster Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I totally agree I had the same experience sadly and now cant even get a response from her


yes she is so fake .. I have been trying to get a refund and all she keeps saying is my ex is coming back ..

Such *** All of you should email her requesting a refund..

And if not dispute it to your bank , that is the only way to stop her. And she will respond within minutes when you ask for a refund but she wont respond at all for progress on work!!!


People be alert, she is completely fake.Don't waste your money or time with her, she just fooling us.I had some spell cast 6 months ago, like everybody I still waiting for movements, all the reviews we see are the same, people just hoping and waiting for something is never ever going to happen.She just contact us if she wants another cast ( to seal or to be stronger) or whatever.It's horrible what she does just playing with people who are already very hurtful and most of the time depressed as well.I worked very hard to pay my spells and I know how many hours I did work to be mock for someone which a lot of desperate people trust as well.I do agree there is karma as well and her one will be big, to play with people feelings.I hope that a lot of people read all the comments and never ever give money to that scammer.

to Gaby #1519239

I had a spell cast by Ashra it was a karma points spell as I couldn't afford one I had no results from this spell so Ashra told me that she recast it still nothing , she then told me that she was willing to cast a stronger spell to get my ex back I left it a time she never got in touch so I emailed her to see if she was still going to cast a stronger spell I had no reply so I emailed her again to tell her that I was going to give up on my ex as nothing was working I have had know reply from her, I suppose I can't complain to much as it was a karma points spell but even so she could have replied and said she wasn't interested, all the girls in the videos talk about movement but never seem to get back with their ex, if you put a comment on the forum and ask a question I never get a reply its a waist of time I'm so glad I never paid her any money , I did trust her to begin with but I now think she is a fake as she never replys but the girls on the videos are always saying how she gets in touch with them all the time, well she doesn't with me , I have also tried to delete my account but it won't let me.


I don't care what spell caster you use, it is all {{Redacted}}! I have spent a lot of money on spells to get back with my ex and none of these spells has worked.

they tell your ex is thinking about you and is still in love but you need to buy this spell to make the other spells work.

I will never be duped by this online spell casting *** again. It does not matter who you use, your will be gone and your situation will remain the same.


She is fake *** hell, and I'm real not a competitor, I emailed her she responded, so I didn't respond, and like to weeks later she emailed me talking about I was concerned about me and the person and to order this and that but when I asked her could she answer a question no response since fake


Xara is real. Not sure why she hides behind a fake picture but

I’ve used her site since 2013 & though not all of my spells casted, the realistic ones did.

You can’t have purple eyes, and you can’t make someone love you if they don’t love you at all. (duh)

to Kayy #1463299

Sorry not real , you probably work for her

Orland Park, Illinois, United States #1348458

Stay away from ashra...don't give her anymore money!!! The biggest fake around!!!

Takes your money and laughs at you!! Bye bye ashra...we all are going to put spells on you!!!!

Orland Park, Illinois, United States #1348457

She is a fake!!!! I pray every night *** on her!!!

Foley, Alabama, United States #1334390

I agree, she is fake and I tried to Delete my account with her but it won't. If she messes with me, I'm crazy and I'll retaliate like thunder hitting an ant.

I'm a real person and I live in Alabama. I think she makes *** up to try and make herself look good. I'm not competition. I am an aircraft mechanic.

If she pulls her sh#t on me, I'll snap on her ***. Come look me up bit#@!!!

I can't stand people who lie! Who prey on others!

to T Roberts #1342365

Yes report to the scam media group stop all this craps !! Don't do cheats when people believe you! This is agony to many people who trusted and in the end is a fake scam !!

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