Like everyone else, I have doubts of spell casters in general. So when I went to Ashra, i was uncertain and a little doubtful but tried to remain positive about life in general.

I did my first spell and a couple of weeks later went back to Ashra for something stronger because I was being impatient (our anniversary was coming up). A couple of days after the spell was completed, my boyfriend wanted to get back with me. It took a couple of days to sort everything out but after that, we both had one of the strongest desires for each other in a long time. We've been together for 4 years and it feels like the beginning of our relationship all over again.

My bf was also going through a very hard time with himself and his family which also externally affected our relationship. Not only did we get back together but after the spell was completed, I saw a smile and heard jokes that I hadn't seen or heard in such a long time. His energy and vibes were back to how they used to be- positive and full of light. Like I said earlier, I had my doubts but aside from money, I had nothing to lose.

Ashra answered any questions I had from her with pure concern and sincerity. I can't thank Ashra enough.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashra Spellcaster Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Nothing will happen because Ashra is fake. I waited a year and my situation only got worse and now I'm conned out of my hard earned money.

Stop trusting ashra. Her forum is a scam.


So did ur spell work?


Its been a month since my spell was cast by ashra. Nothing has happend so far and am worried if anything will ever happen even. I am of the opinion that


I'm not sure why you are on this site. If you are a real client, then why didn't you see this page:


You cannot resolve or address issues unless you contact her. Unless you like reading useful fictional gossip that isn't even true.

@Gossip does not solve ploblems

How do you know that some of us haven't contacted Ashra already? If anybody is like me I've tried talking to Ashra and was only ignored.