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Update by user Sep 07, 2017

I as able to contact the real Ashra and she was honest and very helpful with getting my husband back. People need to be very careful about Impersonators trying to capitalize on the success of others to make a quick buck. I encourage everyone to read my story.

Original review posted by user Sep 07, 2017

I nearly got scammed by an Ashra Impersonator so this message goes out to one of the people creating defamatory comments. Either you are another competitor attacking her or you have been in contact with an Ashra Impersonator.

Ashra is not a man and she does not live in Nigeria and she DOES NOT accept payments through Western Union. Furthermore, she would NEVER threaten you or your family members. This site is notorious for fake reviews left by competitors who try to pretend to be victims of Ashra's services to manipulate potential clients to think twice about using Ashra's spells. Fortunately, most people are smart enough to know a fake review from a real one, but this has caused competitors to become more creative with their FAKE comments.

Competitors will post comments saying "I am not an "anonymous competitor." I actually was about to be a customer of Ashra" This is a clear sign of a competitor trying to harm her with fake comments. Ashra has been around for nearly two decades and she has amassed over a million real reviewers who have nothing but positive praise for the work she has done for them. That's something you cannot fake. Unlike other competitors, she isn't scared to show her face and proof that her services actually work.

I guess this is why so many of her competitors are intimated by her and why they try discrediting her when they have too much time on their hands due to a lack of clients.

This site doesn't vet or verify that the information posted on this site is factual and accurate. It's no wonder why this site has become a playground for competitors who have nothing better to do with their time but to defame their rivals.

I liked: She is always there for me, She is honest and caring, She put me first and never cared about the money.

I didn't like: Ashra impersonators, Dishonest competitors.

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Impersonator and Competitors need to get a life. One of her competitors was bold enough to harass me on my FB page.

I was like...

WOW... that's desperate.

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