New York, New York

This is getting out of hand. Someone on FB messaged me claiming to be Ashras. She basically said that her account was hacked and that this was the reason why she tried to message me on facebook.

The impersonator also tried to persuade me to keep it confidential so that I wouldn't realize she was impersonating her.

Something wasn't right so I contacted Ashras via email and she confirmed what I already started to realize.

Whoever was impersonating her tried to get me to send them money through Western Union and provided a phone number that was from Uganda. They also stole her pictures and made several attempts to convince me she was hacked.

I'm warning everyone about this impersonator. There seems to be many of them targeting her and many other popular psychics.

Reason of review: I avoided an Ashra Impersonator.

Ashra Spellcaster Pros: She put me first and never cared about the money, She is always there for me, Great customer service, She is honest and caring.

Ashra Spellcaster Cons: Negative comment are from her competitors with names changed, Dishonest competitor, Ashra impersonator, Fake comments by competitors, Online harassement.

  • Harassement
  • Dishonest Competitors
  • Fake Comments By Competitors
  • Ashra Impersonators
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