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she doesn’t respond to emails after weeks and weeks go by. None of my questions were addressed or answered the entire year I was in contact with her. If you do finally get a reply it’s only around 5 words. The fact that I spent a minimum of $80 on each spell and only hear from her every 6 weeks, with a one sentence response is insane?? Her responses to these reviews are crazy and manipulative and border on gaslighting.

Update: haven’t heard from her in 5 weeks but within 5 minutes of posting this review she reached out. Please take my review into consideration before you buy from her.

and I get a half asked response from her, what she writes to everybody :

"I don't intentionally ignore clients and many people know this. Your statement is the complete opposite of the experiences of my other clients. Secondly, I don't respond within minutes. Emails are answered within the order they are received."

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She is definitely a scam artist, after spending hundreds of dollars, I saw no results and asking about progress I received no return emails for two months, I asked for re casting as promised and have got nothing


I dont know Ashra she may be good who knows. But I get vibes that she is a scam artist.

I am blessed that I found somebody through word-of-mouth that has been doing this for over 30 years. Just some of the YouTube videos that all these people that are pleased by Ashra are almost laughable. Sorry. But again I don't know whether she is a fraud or not I just did not get a good vibe just from her videos and these so called testimonials.

Anyways at the same time I was reading her reviews I just feel blessed to have found somebody that is a great communicator and has been in the business for over 30 years. With any spell caster take your time go with your gut feeling look before you leap and listen before you leap in this case.

dina ali

Hi. Can you tell me about the one who was doing this for 30 years?


Keep your head up! she has threatened to sue for defamation of character even though it was a rightful and LEGAL negative review on my end based upon opinion.

Better to either attempt a refund or walk away. I wish you love and nothing but the best!