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It's very bad that other people are using her name to take advantage of her traffic. I just don't understand why they have to do this. Papa Rajesh is a perfect example of someone Impersonating her. This dude basically plagiarized her services and uses her name.

I contacted the person on Papa Rajesh's website because I thought it was her. It was obviously not her.

This impersonator is located in Cape Town, South Africa. There are other impersonators located around the world. I called the number on their website and some dude answered and he seemed clueless on why I called until I said I found his number listed on his website.

He asked me to download an app and insisted that I order his services on his app and contact him through the app.

I knew he was bating me long. I didn't fall for it. What bothers me is how many impersonators there are online. This really needs to stop. Its so bad and hurtful at the same time for anyone who falls into the hands of her impersonators.

Reason of review: Avoided an Ashra Impersonator.

Ashra Spellcaster Pros: Great customer service, She is always there for me, She is honest and caring, She always responds quickly, She put me first and never cared about the money.

Ashra Spellcaster Cons: I was manipulated by her compeitor, Negative comment are from her competitors with names changed, Dishonest competitor, Ashra impersonator, Fake comments by competitors.

  • Plagiarism
  • Online Harassment
  • Identity Theft
  • Dishonest Competitors
  • Fake Comments By Competitors
  • Ashra Impersonators
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how many sites does Ashra own? No one has heard of this site lol.

Great PR . I have tried to contact her many time and lady said she does not know me. i am sad.

I am starting to think she is a scammer and bought a lot of sites, added her name to them and post them in on the forum site to say they are impersonating her. She lie.

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