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Absolutely insane that this women gets away with this nonsense...Do not believe any of these positive reviews. Ashra casted a spell for me 9 months ago.

I never saw ANY signs or movement AT ALL........she doesn’t respond for weeks at a time. Literally WEEKS!!!!!!and that includes the customer support link!! and she never has any type of updates or comments on the spells she casted.

AND I once left a negative review and she emailed me within minutes. MINUTES!

After not hearing from her for 5 weeks she emails me in less than five minutes. And not to mention she used an email with the name Ashley???

Totally unprofessional. It’s very clear that she spends all her time on Trustpilot flagging negative reviews, not responding to clients who spend hundreds of dollars hoping for a positive customer experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashra Spellcaster Psychic Reading.

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