Well wether there are other casters slandering her or not, what I do know is I've been reading a couple of these threads and can only say that I fully relate with most if not all of them!Ashra does send you the "are you okay" email which okay let's give her a blye and say it's just a welcome email (harmless) but then you would think that once you start spending hard cash with Ashra the communication would increase as she gets more personal and in tune with your situation. I am not disgruntalled nor am I an impersonator, just a disappointed customer that actually can say that the first time I used Ashra last year my ex contacted me 3 days after she cast two spells for me, but I totally believed in her, the spell, the magic of it all and that my partner was going to come back which he did!

But now, single again and having had 6 spells cast by Ashra and very little to almost no communication from her you see all this negativity on the web about her and naturally it rocks your boat and creates doubt in your spells and the caster and that's where the problem starts!You see, via research and the search of something real, I began to meditate and look into things like the laws of attraction, mental telepathy and all sorts of weird and wonderful scientific things. And in my findings I found out that we all possess the mental power to manifest what ever we desire! All we need is positivity, desire and a pure heart towards our target!!! So on learning this is was no wonder why this time around with my new found doubts in Ashra that her spells didn't seem to work.

I see his name constantly and see our numbers every where I look but that's it, it was almost becoming like it was more tormenting me rather than encouraging me to hold out. But deeper than the above my findings also showed me that it was actually my mental strength and belief in the first spell she cast that brought me the results that I wanted in the time frame that they happened which then brought about another question " is Ashra really even casting the spell or is she to familiar with the laws of attraction and the power of the brain???Hence, she demands we stay positive and constantly watch her videos and read her reviews!!??One would say it's almost a form of brain washing which as been in place ever since the television was created and then some so would and could this theory be so strange!!!I wonderNevertheless, Ashra if you read this I must stress that your communication is below poor and unfortunately for you I feel it will be the death of your career and reputation. I understand that you are only one person but surely with the amount of clients you get and payments that you receive, surely you can hire someone to sit beside you and respond to your emails for you!Shoot, il offer to do it for you but just please, change your ways as its not fare and you would never know the anxiety that it causes being in love with someone so bad that you'd even sink as low to have a spell cast on them to bring them back, but we do because we love them and don't want to except that the relationship is over, so that's a very vulnerable individual that your dealing with right there and that deserves respect.

I mean I've looked and from January this year to present I've spent just under £400 with you Ashra and that's not including last years spells either and that's just me!!!How many clients do you have Ashra???Yet I message you for an update and I get nothing other than an email a week or so later suggesting a new spell.Whatever your intentions understand how your actions look as I don't and won't believe that everyone who has said negative things about you on the Internet are all impersonators. Can't be, what they say is too true.SorryI'm not going to hide behind this message either, so I will copy and paste it in an email to you so you know exactly which one of your clients this is as I'm now tired and I want answers and failing that I want at least some of my money back.Hopefully this will get resolved.

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How did you find out that her emails were going to your spam folder? When you got a reply to your review, which was right on point btw you miraculously received an email from her in your inbox? Seems a little unlikely.


This was resolved lastnight but I'm having difficulty clicking resolved.


I have made a mistake, I checked my spam box and Ashra has been replying to my emails and I didn't know!I'm really sorry Ashra that I took this action and would greatly advise anyone that feels your not getting responses from her to check your junk mail and to add her email address as a contact also. Huge mistake and hope you can forgive me Ashra in order for us to continue working together going forward.Truly sorry


Sorry, I don't trust the Pissed C website. I was just manipulated by one of her competitors into saying negative things that were not true.

I apologized to her. This gossip site is full of misleading information mostly posted by competitors.


I cannot figure out why you keep posting on this website and expect your concerns with her to be resolved? This is NOT her website and too many comments are fake and posted by her competitors.

As such, your comments on this site are not trustable. If are you a client, how is she suppose to know who you are and your concerns? I see that your user name is "Anonymous". There is no way she is going to be able to help you if she doesn't know who you are.She is only one person and I can only imagine how busy she gets.

However, the one thing she would NEVER do is ignore you.

If you want your concerns resolve, contact her directly. Posting on this website can actually harm you and may get you in legal trouble should the company decide to sue you.

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